As a result of improvements made by Kawasaki engineers throughout the decades, the japanese manufacturer’s new 2020 Z H2 hypernaked motorcycle is unlike any other. Equipped with a 998 cc supercharged engine, fluid dog-ring clutch transmission, precisely engineered lightweight trellis frame and IMU electronics module, this machine stands apart from all the rest.

The power of this 2-wheel racing machine stems from the supercharged 4-stroke, 4-cylinder in-line 998 cc engine with a compact and light design. If you’re a thrillseeker, the hypernaked 2020 Kawasaki Z HD delivers!

Moreover, hypernaked is tantamount to minimalist design. That is indeed the case with the new 2020 Z H2 motorcycle. Kawasaki has succeeded in combining minimalistic bodywork with maximum attitude. The design of its new 2-wheeler boasts bold lines and more than dynamic performance.

Ease of maneuverability is assured, whatever the speed, by a uniquely designed chassis. Thanks to a trellis frame designed specifically for the new 2020 Z H2 motorcycle, you can ride with full confidence in its exceptional handling and maneuverability. Additionally, the long-lasting front and rear disc brakes keep you in control of the motorcycle at all times. Likewise, adjustable Showa suspension components give you the option of customizing your ride for a style that best suits you.

Kawasaki has truly given thought down to the smallest detail on its new 2020 Z H2 hypernaked motorcycle. Thus, this machine is equipped with the latest technological advances for rider-assistance as well as state-of-the-art electronic devices. The electric starter also makes it easier to start the motorcycle regardless of the position in which you stopped it.

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